About Me

Research Interests:
Time series analysis; time series prediction; statistical methods; forecast combination and model selection; mathematical programming; forecast evaluation; time series econometrics; statistics education; computational statistics; data science.

Teaching experience:
Time Series Analysis; Matrix Algebra; Nonparametric Statistics; Operational Research; Computational statistics/statistical computing; Neural Network; Management Information System; Algorithm and Programming; Data Management; Exploratory Data Analysis; Web Programming; Data mining.

Last Publication

Will Covid-19 confirmed cases in the USA reach 3 million? A forecasting approach using SutteARIMA

Published: 28 September 2020 in Current Research in Behavioral Sciences

SutteARIMA: Short-term forecasting method, a case: Covid-19 and stock market in Spain

Published: 10 August 2020 in Science of The Total Environment

The date predicted 200.000 cases of Covid-19 in Spain

Published: 14 June 2020 in Journal of Applied Science, Engineering, Technology, and Education

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